Category: Recipes

I love to bake, cook,and mix. Some of my recipes derive from my travels while others are concocted when an idea comes to mind. When I am not traveling, I bake custom cakes to order. I love cooking meals that evoke memories of past trips. I host dinner parties to entertain friends and family where I stuff them all with good eats, travel stories, and a libation or two. Here are some of my favorite recipes for you to try and enjoy.


Choose Your Own Chili Adventure

Chili is one of those meals that taste delicious, serves a crowd, is a fine comfort food, makes for great leftovers, freezes well … and you can’t really mess it up. It’s easy to...


Sour Salted Dill Popcorn

I was sitting on the couch last night watching the MTV Movie Awards. I was seriously craving salt and vinegar chips. Alas, there were none in my desolate pantry  – no chips of any...


Villa Pasta Salad

One summer while studying abroad, I spent a lot of time at a villa just outside of Barcelona where these four guys ran what could loosely be considered a B&B. One night, I offered to...


Quick and Easy Tiramisu

I looooove tiramisu. Love. It. It’s one of my fave desserts, especially when I’m in Italy. But I’m not in Italy everyday nor do I frequent the Olive Garden.  So, I crafted a tiramisu...