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  1. Beatriz Golden-Hayes says:

    Hey Jeannine
    Thanks so much for the great article on Hapeville. We don’t ever seem to get enough press for the south side so thanks for representing. One place that you did not mention in your list is Joffrey’s just behind the IHOP. Great little place, good food, full bar and is going to offer live jazz on Thursdays, beginning April 14th. Check it out!

    A long time resident of Hapeville

    • says:

      Thank you, Beatriz. I think the Tri-Cities area is a hidden gem. Hapeville holds a special place in my heart and I have loved watching it grow and thrive these past few years. I’ll have to check out Joffrey’s. I only write about places that I have first hand knowledge of so that I can make a conscious recommendation. I’ll continue adding to the article as I encounter more great spots. I’ll be posting on College Park and East Point very soon as well.

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