Sour Salted Dill Popcorn

I was sitting on the couch last night watching the MTV Movie Awards. I was seriously craving salt and vinegar chips. Alas, there were none in my desolate pantry  – no chips of any kind. It was too late and I was too tired to make a store run. I rattled my brain, what snack food could I concoct with limited supplies, limited energy, and limited time? I still really wanted something sour and salty.

I made my way to the pantry to take inventory, hoping for a snack miracle. Ohhh, look! Cousin’s popcorn stash – I helped myself to a bag of her microwaveable popcorn. Now for the sour part… I had found the white vinegar earlier in the day when searching for it to clean the dishwasher. Spying it out of the corner of my eye an idea came to me.

Voila! Sour Salted Dill Popcorn aka Pickle Popcorn! Pop one bag of regular popcorn. Empty bag into large bowl. Melt 1.5 tbs butter in a mug in microwave. Let cool a bit (it needs to remain liquified). Add 1.5 tbs vinegar. Mix butter and vinegar together well and evenly pour over popcorn. Toss to distribute evenly. Sprinkle dill weed and sea salt to taste over popcorn and toss about to distribute evenly. Enjoy.

Variations: Balsamic Vinegar and Rosemary Popcorn – Soooo fancy, right? Who knew popcorn could be sophisticated? Just switch out the vinegar and herbs to create this popped corn snackage of the more sophisticated variety.

This is a great snack to serve at gatherings because you can make different flavor varieties and popcorn is a cheap treat. 


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2 Responses

  1. KayPen says:

    I can’t wait to try this recipe, I love popcorn; so anything to jazz it up a bit, I am totally game for!

    • says:

      You’re going to love it. So quick and easy. It really takes popcorn to a new level. Enjoy!

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